Review: So bio etic Organic Anjou eye cream


Anti-aging for normal to dry skin
Anjou Rose is known as “rose de Provins” in French because, originally from Provence, it was brought back by the King of Anjou. SO’BiO étic® has chosen to work with the largest grower of organic Provins roses, which has specialised in organic growing for 24 years. Organic Anjou rose is sourced from French producers working to integrate disabled people into the workplace.

This cream comes into a pump bottle in plastic and is very handy for hygiene but not so much for saving product. I find one pump delivers too much product for 2 eyes. Remember that we only need one rice grain -uncooked - for both eyes!

The scent is a really light, rose like scent, very subtle. This rose eye cream is described as anti aging, moisturizing. it also says  that wiith its soft formula, it  suits the fragile skin around the eyes, this eye contour care works to deliver cutaneous moisture and protection.





With regards to the protection no doubt due to the vitamin E, wich is a potent anti oxidant.But as for the moisture I am disappointed in the finished application of the product. When you apply it, it sort of stretch or lift the eye area.Now this product is made for dry/mature skin , so I am not sure a dry skin will appreciate a lifting,skin tighenning result.While its texture stays light and creamy I was disappointed whn I had this tigh effect on my eye area.

Packaging 4/5
Texture 2/5
Promises 3/5
Long lasting 4/5
smile'o'metre 13/20

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