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SO’ BiO etic® offers you a complete range of organic cosmetic care offering a biological, ethical and seducing alternative to the conventional skincare.
- organic face care
- organic body care
- organic vegetal oils
- organic bath and massage oils

A true sensory experience thanks to delicate fragrances from natural origin , soft and light textures adapted to every skin type.


Onagre range comes in several products. I chose the Cream Bonne Mine - Evening Primrose / apricot extract.

For skin moisturized, radiant vitality, synergy active organic evening primrose oil, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 6) and vitamin E, a natural cocktail of vitamins and natural hyaluronic acid, potent moisturizing and protective .

This little wonder is described as an iridescent cream that nourishes your skin with evening primrose oil rich in essential fatty acids essential for the balance of the epidermis. Its protective activity is complemented by apricot kernel oil, also known for bringing radiance and vitality.

As I am pregnant, I want my skin to glow and feel the radiance of it. So I needed somethingling that. Thanks to the presence of a fruity cocktail, mix of raspberry, apple and peach leaf, the complexion is even and bright. My complexion is brightenned by the action of pigments illuminators, as they leave an ridescent veil. Now coming to the actual colour of the cream, do not worry! The appearance of the orange fades away and  is transformed by a wonderful tan veil.




The formula of this cream contains hyaluronic acid, which helps soften the skin and protect it from daily aggressions. However, I did not find this cream very moisturizing. This is why I recommend a moisturizer underneath,  my skin is dehydrated and combo.

This cream is anti ageing , thanks to the natural vitamin E, an antioxidant which prevents premature aging of the skin.

Formulated with:
100% of natural origin. Evening primrose oil, apricot kernel oil, peach leaf extract, apple and raspberry, illuminators pigments, natural hyaluronic acid, natural vitamin E, natural fragrance.
This cream comes in a plastic container that closes via a cap that is running. I find it's the best to finish the entire pot! No waste.
Its creamy texture dries relatively quickly on the skin so be quick  for the massage! To facilitate its application, I recommend using the moisturizer underneath. Although its texture is thick , I don't consider this cream as rich. I do not think that it is  moisturizing enough for dry skin, dry or combination / dehydrated. Its first action is to give a healthy glow, the effect lasts all day because at nightwhile you cleanse your skin, you recover the particules.
Its effect is guaranteed! even my husband asked me what I had done to my skin to make it so bright without makeup! Well, that was a first! ahah!

Packaging 5/5
Texture 3/5
Promises 4/5
Long lasting 5/5
smile'o'metre 17/20

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