review : Lancôme Hydra Intense



Today i will be reviewing the Lancome Hydra intense mask 

following the website this mask is a  fresh gel mask infused with active ingredients to intensely hydrate the skin, leaving it relaxed.

Immediately upon application of the refreshing textured gel, the skin is moisturised. Revitalized by a wave of jellified water, it blossoms, becomes comfortable again, soft, velvety and toned.

Presentation :

in a tube, thick plastic matrial, i find it easy to use with its cap attached to it . Because we all agree that once you have the mask all over your face it's easier for closing it back. instead of looking for the lid everywhere... 



Application :

Apply on a clean exfoliated skin. Remove dead cells of your skin with a soft facial scrub and rince it with warm water. This allows your ingredients to go in deeper . Leave the mask 5 to 10 min and rinse it with cold wateer, this will help to close up your pores and leave the ingredients in the skin. Personnally, i do not remove the excess with a coton pad or a tissue

When you apply it you will really find a fresh sensation and a cooling effect on the skin. This will definately lift the tired skin and help to brighten up the radiance of the skin

Who for?

I think we all need a good hydrating mask in ouir bathroom. This one is definately a must have for dry, dehydrated, oily or combination skin type.


This formula is enriched with Imperata Cylindrica extract to moisturise the upper-most layers of the epidermis. (This sub-tropical plant from the southern hemisphere known for its amazing capacity to resist the worst droughts). Combined with glycerol, it traps water in the cells to ensure optimal hydration











Don't hesitate to leave a comment with the  mask you use 

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