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First understand what is BB cream for people who do not know.

The BB Cream, aka Blemish Balm is a product from Germany. It was initially used by dermatologists for its soothing and covering carateristics after interventions such as laser peels.
Behind the initials BB , are hiding the words "Blemish Balm".When several Korean stars have popularized the product after unveiling the secret of their "perfect complexion, so natural," the composition was taken by large groups of Korean cosmetics  who have adapted it to the general public. The cosmetic miracle is born! The trend that started in Korea was first extended to Japan and then throughout South-East Asia and the United States to finally arrive in Europe now.

Returning now to the main topic: our crash test!

 The Perfector BB cream complexion SO 'Bio étic (€ 11.85) is between skincare and makeup. According to the site, it is a foundation for a natural coverage and a creamy texture  The 5 in 1 formula provides all the benefits needed for a perfect complexion:

1 - It applies easily and perfectly evens out the complexion. Just a small amount is needed and  work it with  fingertips after moisturizing the skin.
2 - It provides the hydration skin needs. But I think a good moisturizer is the base of a long-lasting foundation.
3 - It purifies and cleanses the skin, over small imperfections and redness! You see on the video below that I do not have a perfect skin, like many of us, and this BB cream is divine!
4 - The antioxidant properties of Pomegranate oil offers protection against aging skin. You can feel the smoothness of products
5 - SPF 10 protects you from the harmful effects of the sun. Its creamy texture smoothes the skin for a natural finish and bright.
Result: The skin is protected, flawless and radiant .

Its packaging is plastic and a tube, I love floral deco. I think it is very feminine and girlie

I found the price very reasonable for the quality of the product and this product gave me want to try other products in their range. I have also made a detailed review of the eye cream, rose d'anjou care and the evening primrose glowy cream.



The first Hydreane BB Cream BB cream Thermal Spring Water by La Roche-Posay, formulated for sensitive skin.

-Unifying moisturizer for sensitive skin. Unifying. Protector SPF 20. Anti-dull complexion

Hydreane BB Cream moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin. According to the website, its mineral pigments based on skin and adapt to skin tone for a natural complexion unified, bright and fresh. I doubt that! I have not seen any coverage on my skin. The moisture is definately here but  it just disapear onto my skin!
The result is bright and fresh since it is a tinted moisturizer, The skin cells being packed with water helps to immediately look plumper, it is described as smooth and non-greasy.

Tested under dermatological control. no Parabens. Non-comedogenic. Available in 2 colors.


Comparative:  left Hydreane / right So bio etic




See the video

SO ‘Bio étic Hydreane
packaging 4/5 4/5
texture 4/5 5/5
promises 5/5 1/5
long lasting 4/5 1/5
smile'o'mètre 17/20 11/20

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