Product review : lovely eyes ME:EX , by thefaceshop

so here i am with another lil'treasure from the face shop!img-3242-2.jpg

so i never bought a cream eyeshadow ahha! strange innit? photo-5-1.jpg

so i went to the faceshop the other ay , here you can view all the cute products i bought!

and in the lot I got this cute white pearl cream eyeshadow.

the texture is just divine, smooth and the frost effect last 4 hours


little plastic pot , where oyu an actually refill the eyeshadow to use in a palette


it applies very well, either with you finger for an on the go look or with a synthetic fibre brush for a more professional and sophisticated look

I would not apply in in the crease thought as all cream eyeshadow, because it is a cream with hydrating agent it will crease, so i wil stick on applying it just along the eyelid.That way you get a nice light going on when you blink

You ca use it as   a base or alone

I don't have oily eyelid, so it stayed on pretty well.



the colour is really good to use as a highlighter under your eyebrow bone, in the inner corner of the eyes. The shine is present all day without looking greasy.


you get the same intensity when you apply it on you eyelind than the one you see i the pot.

i do recommend this product if you are looking for a nice easy to wear eyeshadow for summer.

Where to find it?

the face shop website

review product the Face Shop

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