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hello! have you always wanted your eyes bigger? well this makeup tutorial is for you, keep reading!dsc02708.jpg

So I always had this sort of admiration for asian girls whom i found so damn pretty with their perfect skin and perfect hair and nail.Seriously , if you're asian and reading this, I love you! you're so stunning! anyways...coming to our makeup hey!

here is my makeup tutorial.The key of this look is to give an open impression when your eyes are opened and to do this you will imagine a triangular shape on the outter corner or your eyes. The white pencil is very common to use as well to enlarge the eyes.

I also received my circe lense for consideration I have been very pleased with them

SPECIALLENSTM | Cosmetic Lenses Center

althought the first minutes were difficult for me because i never worn circle lenses before, it only lasted 1 or 2 and then got perfect with my eyes. I kept them the whole day.

1- the face-

make sure to prep your skin I used makeup forever full coverage concealer with a mineral powder foundation


2- the BB cream is the vital item


3 The blsuh applied like a doll in the centre of the cheek helps to give you this cute asian look and complete it with a gorgeous lipgloss


To recreate this look: watch my tutorial :)

products used:


mufe concealer full coverage

bb cream

face powder misha

blusher meex ping pong blusher

eyebrows mufe liquid eyebrow kit


mufe aquashadow 20E.4E

MAC e/s espresso

MAC e/s star violet

MAC e/s passionnate

MUFE mascara smoky lash purple

Essence eyeliner


MEEX gelee lipgloss tint

Missha lipgloss volume

Hair accessorize claires

Thank you all for reading

have a fab day


makeup tutorial how to make bigger eyes circle lense

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