Haul : lightening kit for shoots and tutorial

laetipro materiel


so it's been a long time i wanted this lightenning kit, so I decided to share my joy with you :)

When i asked my photographer he told me about 450 euros, which is a lot right?!

so I surfed to ebay and here's what I got, for only 47euros. I find it quite complete isn't it?

I am very happy even thought I still didnt receive it  as I just ordered it ahha!

:) but I will keep you posted, don't you worry :)

laetipro materiel

it is a complete kit for me so hopefully it won't be crap!

And what about you? do yu use any materials for your tutorials or pictures!I would be glad to know what you prefer

Here is the link on ebay

happy day !

haul material shoots

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