Review: so bio etic cream , glowy skin


SO’ BiO etic® offers you a complete range of organic cosmetic care offering a biological, ethical and seducing alternative to the conventional skincare.
- organic face care
- organic body care
- organic vegetal oils
- organic bath and massage oils

A true sensory experience thanks to delicate fragrances from natural origin , soft and light textures adapted to every skin type.

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Soufeel Jewelry, charm and unique

img-3617-1.jpgGet your bracelet customised!how? keep reading :)

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TAG : confessions of a beauty guru

I saw this tag on youtube recently, so I was like, why not :)

here's my videos and answers.


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Review : Crazy night , by Makeup Line Paris

dsc02923.jpgCheck out my review on the crazy night kit form makeup line paris

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Product review : lovely eyes ME:EX , by thefaceshop

so here i am with another lil'treasure from the face shop!img-3242-2.jpg

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Review : ME:EX pink pong pong blush


mon petit blush pink pong pong


What I love about this blush is the  packaging and the easy way to use it. You can carry it  in your handbag.

The creamy texture but dense enough provides you good control of product  on he skin but also blends well.

 I chose this cold, fresh and delicate pinky shade that I can wear every day for a glowy effect and pink or even as a highlight.

The other one was more of a peachy tone.Its colour payoff and longevity on the skin for a cream blush is good, knowing that I have oily skin.


On the photo I only wear blush and a little bit of concealer.

Where to buy? the face shop


we are in love with the packaging and the texture of the product

The blend is very easy on the skin and stays for 5 to 6 hours with oily skin and not powder.

Review : NYX , ridge filler base coat

Hi all,

I had never tried a base coat NYX cosmetics, now that's done! When I take care of my nails properly, they are generally in good condition but then I recently my nails had some ridges. So i was lookng for a new basecoat as my Vipera diamond was nearly dying and i decided on this Ridge Filler base coat.

the product contains 15 ml glass bottle without cheap for the price, very elegant.

its rectangular brush allows you a  good control when applied and the  product density is sufficient to provide you  full coverage of the nail in 3 strokes. The black tip and handle the product are made with a great lenght so it helps you to have a good control when applying the product.


Color / Intensity:
base coat  are normally colorless, transparent. This got me even more surprised that it contains tiny glittery particles barely visible that gives you a healthy glow to your nail. Just one layer is enough of course, but with two layers the nail irecovers this fresh and clean look which I love!


Very fast! this basecoat dries very quickly and I was very surprised!

Aed 10/2 euros

my nails are stronger and do not split
the basecoat longevity on my nails with nothing on top has been a week and I reapplied a second layer because my nails had grown!No cracks and lasted a long time!

I will see you next time!have a fab day!